Value Addition and Supply Chain Development

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Transparent Value Addition and Supply Chain Development 

  1. Farmers

Our Trading Company is limited by guarantee and is indirectly owned by those farmers and producers we work with in Uganda. We invite many Farmers’ Groups and Cooperatives to join us as partner with no demand of ownership, while seeking  cooperation with as many as possible.

  1. Pickup & Storage

Our Trading Company handles all pick ups and storage and follows the Coffee Beans  from the from the producers to storage and later to which customer we ship it to the global market. Full traceability and transparency within our Value Supply Chain Development.

      3. Quality & Fair Trade

Our Trading Company handles: sales, marketing, quality check and all documentation and training we need for Fair Trade and Organic Farm Certifications. We  are a Resource Centre for both Farmers and Customers in the Local, Regional and International Market.

        4. Direct Trade

We focus on direct trade with both Local, Regional and International Large Customers for Raw Coffee (Green Bean) and are a Reliable  Trading Partner in Coffee Value Addition and Supply Chain Devlopment in East Africa.