Our Uniqueness

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The Administrative Structure of our Company:

Our Company is supported by a very strong Board which is comprised of highly qualified and experienced people like: 1 Medical Doctor, 1 Engineer, 1 Lawyer, 1 Bank Manager, 1 Farmers, 1 Business people, and 1 Religious Leader. It is a pool of seven (7) highly qualified and experienced personnel.  The same applies to the Company’s Staff most of whom are professionals who dedicate themselves at implementing the day today Company and NGO activities.

Figure 2:          Showing the Organisational Structure of Semuto Kapeeka Value Supply Chain

Development Company Limited (VASUCHADE)

Our Company is a learning organisation from which we have learnt that Value Addition is an interrelated chain activity in which a company adds value to its raw materials to produce products eventually sold to consumers. While the Supply Chain represents all the steps required to get the product to the customer. It is through the integration of the two that Value Addition gives our Company the competitive advantage in the industry, while the Supply Chain leads to overall customer satisfaction