Brand Building

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We also want to build a brand in Africa

  • The Main focus of our Trading Company is to help farmers participate in the Coffee Value Addition and Supply Chain Development  so that we have constant and reliable Coffee Producer and Suppliers within both Local and the Global Market.
  • Our team in Uganda will work tirelessly to ensure farmers realize their dreams. We will follow through the entire Value Addition and Supply Chain Development so as to enable quality for both product and process.  
  • We understand customers in Europe will not accept quality of every bean grown in Uganda. Subsequently, we still need to find a channel (and market) for those coffee beans. We believe local different blends of roasted bean is one way forward.
  • We will invite large Coffee Companies to join us building a local Roaster for sales in East Africa, developing local partners, distributors and retailers whose relationship we value highly, helping us increase household income for our farmers through accepting to buy our retail coffee brand.
  • VASUCHADE  Coffee Co. will also be a regional coffee roaster offering mix of roasted Arabica/Robusta and promote our own brand KISANSA based on the “Coffee Liberica” bean.