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Semuto Kapeeka Value Supply Chain Development Company Limited (VASUCHADE) is two facet like a coin. One side, VASUCHADE is a Registered Company Limited by Guarantee while on the other side VASUCHADE is a Registered NGO with the aim of uplifting the Peoples’ standard of living by involving them as active stake holders participating in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Subsequently, VASUCHADE, as an NGO, we are not providing activities for our own objectives and values.  However, we are continuously searching and researching for needs in society and solving problems with the preferential option for the poor /or the “Hoi Polloi”  while using the integral approach to the development of the human person and restoring his/her dignity.  Our approach therefore is not limited to material poverty but encompasses: the environmental setting, the cultural and spiritual poverty as well.

As a Company Limited by Guarantee:

Semuto Kapeeka Value Supply Chain Development Company Limited is a registered Company with a Certificate of Incorporation /Registration under section 18(3) of the Companies Act 2012 and incorporated into a Limited Liability on the 26th day of September 2018 with Registration No: 80020001252549.

Our Objectives

  •   To improve the overall organizational performance and customer satisfaction by improving product and service delivery to customer.
  • To improve and identify each part of our production process with a view of improving production quality and quantity while reducing costs and improve our production capacity.
  • To achieve efficient fulfillment which is to make is to make inventory readily available in customer facing positions to fulfill demand.
  • To educate, train and empower our grassroots communities so that people know the difference between value chain and supply chain so that each party involved within production knows how to fulfill a customer request while at the same time the value chain of our interrelated activities as a company are used to create our competitive advantage.

Core Values

  • Integrity ; Exhibit honest and integrity at all times,
  • Wisdom: In the combination of knowledge and experience, ; we develop the whole person with faith and reason to break the chains of poverty for a better world.
  • Excellence: Convinced that our success is measurable in the impact of what we do, we continuously seek to improve the value addition and supply chain development in work well done in a sustainable environment that nourishes our body, soul, spirit and intellect.
  • Caring: Maintain respectful relations with the producers, customers, partners, suppliers and the local communities. Loyalty Working collaboratively with the VASUCAHDE employees, producers, customers, partners, suppliers and the local communities to solve problems and achieve goals.
  • Professionalism: Be experts in our fields. Commitment Dedicate to the success of our producers, customers, partners, suppliers and the local communities Innovation That makes the difference